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2290 Tax Calculator Online

Use our free 2290 tax calculator to get the exact amount of tax you owe on your heavy vehicle.

How to Calculate 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax ?

The 2290 Tax Calculator knows exactly how much HVUT you owe to the IRS this tax year before you e-file Form 2290. Quickly figure out your 2290 truck tax amount by gathering the below info beforehand:

First Used Month of the vehicle

FUM of the vehicle is the month in which the heavy vehicle started using national highways within the United States. As per the IRS norms, the 2290 truck tax year begins on July 1 st and ends on June 30th of the following year.
So, choose the FUM of the vehicle accurately because road tax is calculated based on the first used month of the vehicle.

Vehicle weight Category
Vehicle Category
Taxable vehicleHeavy vehicles with gross weight weighing 55,000lbs – over 75,000 lbs fall under the taxable vehicle category
Exempt vehicleVehicles weighing traveling less than 5,000 miles in a tax period are considered “Tax-exempt vehicles”
Logging vehicleHighway Vehicles that are exclusively used to transport products harvested from forest sites are considered “Logging vehicles”

Among the above categories, choose the right one.

Vehicle Count

Finally, gather the information on the number of vehicles you are filing Form 2290 for a tax period. Mention the taxable vehicle count & logging vehicle count accurately. It is because logging vehicles are taxed at 25 % less than taxable vehicles.

Select Category Enter Non-Logging Vehicles Count Enter Logging Vehicles Count Tax
Total Tax : $ 0.00

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