How to File 2290 HVUT Return after Due Date?

Do You want to File 2290 HVUT after the Due Date? Hurry up! File Form 2290 as early as possible & avoid heavy and hefty penalties. Because the penalty amount depends on the day you file the 2290 truck tax form after the deadline.

We know tax season is stressful & confusing. When it comes to penalties, you need to pay extra dollars rather than how much you owe to the IRS. Thus, file HVUT 2290 return within the 2290 deadline & avoid paying an extra amount.

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How to File 2290 HVUT Return after Due Date?

What is the deadline to File your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

According to the IRS norms, IRS Form 2290 due annually by “August 31st”. This means the truckers who operate businesses using heavy vehicles every tax year must file 2290 by “August 31st”. Besides, 2290 truck tax season begins from “July 1st” of the current year & ends by ” June 30th” of the following year.

Form 2290 deadline different for the businesses/truckers who purchase vehicles in the middle of the reporting period. For newly purchased vehicles, File IRS Form 2290 by the last date of the following month of purchase. The month of purchase is the month in which the vehicles first drove on public highways within the United States.

What if I File my 2290 Form late?

According to the IRS, the truckers who miss filing Form 2290 within the deadline are subjected to Hvut penalties. When coming to tax returns, penalties will be heavy & hefty. Besides, those who will File HVUT after the Due Date may have chances of delay in receiving schedule 1 proof. Without HVUT payment proof, truckers can’t operate the business on US public roads. Moreover, they may go to prison or the vehicle will be suspended from on-highway transportation.

Late Filing HVUT 2290 penalties

As we know, the IRS imposes HVUT penalties for:

  • Late filing Form 2290
  • Failing to pay road taxes on or before the due date
  • Filing false or fraudulent Form 2290

Here are 2290 HVUT Penalty rates:

  • Failure to pay HVUT by the deadline – 4.5% of the total tax amount.
  • Not filing 2290 on time & fail to pay HVUT – 0.5% on the total tax amount. Additional interest of 0.54% charged per month

Please make sure that the penalty amount will increase monthly for up to five months.

When will the IRS waive off Heavy Vehicle Use Tax penalties?

Given below the possibilities for the IRS to waive off 2290 Road Tax for:

  • First time filers those who missed filing HVUT return before Form 2290 deadline there are high chances to waive off the penalty. They just have to contact the IRS via toll-free number.
  • Those who have already filed Form 2290 within the deadline for at least 3 years & this is the first time to miss the deadline, then the IRS might waive off the penalty.

How to get your 2290 penalty waived off?

Generally, 2290 HVUT penalties will not be imposed if you show a reasonable cause. You can request the IRS to waive off the penalties even if you miss Form 2290 Due Date for the second time. For that, you have to provide a valid reason along with an explanation for late filing Form 2290. A few of the reasons discussed below:

  • Death or severe illness of any of your family member.
  • Unable to obtain any records.
  • Delay in check or money order reaching the IRS.
  • Accidents or any natural disasters.

Also, you can choose any one of the above reasons. Ensure that the reason you have chosen is valid because you need to provide proof along with the explanation letter.  

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